Terms of Use of Information Resources

Terms of use of databases, e-magazines, e-books, and other electronic information resources provided by NUK and CTK or other libraries of the University of Ljubljana with their consortium partners on their home servers or remote servers.

Users are obliged to use databases and electronically accessible materials (e-magazines, e-books, etc.) on servers in NUK, CTK, UL libraries and at providers in accordance with legislation in force and general social norms. They must comply with contractual licences that publishers or producers concluded with NUK, CTK, UL libraries and other members of consortia, and be aware of their material and criminal liability.

  • Users may not copy, distribute, or sell data from databases and other electronic resources or build their own databases from them, directly or indirectly, unless specifically allowed by the Licensing Conditions. They are allowed to make one electronic or paper copy of records of each search for their own study, research, or pedagogical purposes.
  • The data acquired can only be used for non-profit purposes in the framework of educational and research activities at the University.
  • Users are not allowed to alter, adapt, translate, or make abstracts from texts acquired from electronic resources.
  • Users must comply with the ban on interlibrary loan and forwarding of documents of such material.
  • Users must neither reveal the password (when necessary to use the services) nor forward it to other persons.
  • Users must respect the secrecy of data owned by other network users. They are not allowed to access data, software, services, and usernames on computers or networks they are not entitled to.
  • Users themselves provide technical conditions to access the servers in NUK, CTK, or elsewhere (network, installation, maintenance of clients).
  • NUK and CTK will not assume responsibility for perfection, accuracy and correctness of the information from databases, or any potential damage resulting from the use of data.
  • NUK and CTK cannot assume responsibility in case of withdrawal of database(s) from servers, or malfunction of the servers.
  • In case of the breach of the stated terms the user’s access to databases and other information resources, which are the subject of this declaration, will be terminated immediately. Any misuse of databases and other information resources is subject to penalties. Any disputes will be referred to the competent court in Ljubljana.