TEMA® Technology and Management

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  • The TEMA collection contains bibliographic records with abstracts, keywords, or descriptors from international and German scientific and professional literature (journals, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, etc.) in the fields of technology and management. Coverage includes information on development and research, innovations, new products, equipment and processes in the fields of mechanical engineering, process technology, electrotechniques and electronics, information technologies, energetics, materials, textile technology, medicine equipment, mining, management, and organization. Coverage includes records from 1968 onward.

    The bibliographic section of the record is predominantly in German with abstracts in German and/or English. Researchers can use search terms in English or German, items from the “Thesaurus of Engineering and Management” controlled list of descriptors, and codes from the WTI classification.

    TEMA contains a number of sub-collections with narrower topics where researchers can search independently (selection at the entry page): DOMA® (mechanical engineering), ZDE (electrical engineering, electronics, and energetics), WEMA Materials® (materials), BEFO (management and organization), TOGA® (textile technology), MEDITEC (medical engineering), BERG (mining), and ENTEC (energetics). The TecFinder portal includes the TEMotive (electric mobility) collection,  PRINT Printing Technology (print), INFODATA (information science) and SME Publications (small and middle sized companies).


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