Royal Society of Chemistry Gold

RSC Gold (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of the University of Ljubljana who are members of the UL, CTK, and NUK libraries)
  • RSC Gold provides access to 43 current journal titles, 5 database collections (Analytical Abstracts, Chemical Hazards in Industry, Laboratory Hazards Bulletin, Natural Product Updates, and Synthetic Reaction Updates), the monograph series Issues in Environmental Science and Technology, and archival contents of Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry, sections A, B, and C of one of the leading world associations in chemistry, the British Royal Society of Chemistry. Coverage includes chemistry, biology, biophysics or physics, materials, medicine, and pharmacy. Full-text articles vary in access, some journals are available from 1997 onward, or from the start of publication for more recent magazines.

  • Provider: Royal Society of Chemistry