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  • PsycInfo is a database designed to search for professional and scientific literature in the field of psychology including history and branches of psychology; psychometry, statistics, and methodology; experimental psychology; neuropsychology; communication systems; developmental psychology; social processes; social psychology; psychology of personality; psychoanalysis; physical disabilities and mental disorders; prevention and therapy; clinical psychology; pedagogical psychology; psychology of work; psychology of sport; consumer psychology; ecological psychology; artificial intelligence; and more. The collection also includes related fields including humanities, management, marketing, advertising, criminology, linguistics, military science, social work, etc.

    Coverage includes over 4 milions of bibliographic records with abstracts of articles from some 2,300 scientific journals, books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers, and technical reports.

    To search for a topic, use descriptors from APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, keywords, or classification. Limit the search by age group, type of empirical study, etc. You can also search according to cited literature.

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