Gun Regulation and Legislation in America (HeinOnline)

Gun Regulation and Legislation in America (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for all members of the UL, CTK, and NUK libraries.)
  • Gun Regulation and Legislation in America is a collection by publisherWilliam S. Hein & Co., which covers one of the most controversial and heavily-debated topics in history of United states of America. It's core is the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The concept of gun control, firearms’ potential to cause mass casualties, and the interpretation of the Second Amendment have evolved considerably since the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791.

    Collection includes more than 500 titles of periodicals and other legal documents on gun regulation and other related matters, but also links to scholarly articles etc.

    Language: english

  • Provider: William S. Hein & Co.