• The Fran portal, Vocabularies of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language at ZRC SAZU, is intended for browsing through dictionaries, linguistic corpora, and other linguistic collections. It is managed by the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language at ZRC SAZU. It includes the Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language, Dictionary of New Slovenian Words, Slovene Normative Guide, Slovene-Latin Dictionary, Pleteršnik's Slovene-German Dictionary (1894–1895), Dictionary of Theatre Terminology, Dictionary of Beekeeping Terminology, Dictionary of Mountaneering Terminology, Slovenian Linguistic Atlas 1, Nova beseda language corpus, and the linguistic and terminological counselling office. There are also other dictionaries available: Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language (3rd edition), Dictionary of Orthographical Difficulties 3.0, Slovenian Linguistic Atlas 2, Growing Dictionary of the Slovenian Language 3.0 (Domen Krvina), Terminological Dictionary of Urban Planning and Slovenian Etymological Dictionary³ (Marko Snoj). ZRCola 2.0: input system and font has also been added. Altogether it contains 31 dictionaries, one atlas, two counselling offices, and 591,416 dictionary articles.

    Searching is possible via the main search box that simultaneously searches through all the dictionaries and resources on the portal and displays combined results or via the advanced search engine that enables users to select an individual dictionary and search through specific sections of the dictionary entry of the term. Users can therefore choose between a simple search or a more complex enquiry. Search instructions are available at

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