EIU Viewpoint

Testni dostop do 28. 4. 2023

Trail access available from 14. 4. 2023 to 28. 4. 2023.

EIU Viewpoint (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, NIB and NUK. Remote access for students and staff of UL, staff of CTK, NIB and NUK and all members of the UL, CTK, NIB and NUK libraries.)
  • EIU Viewpoint is an e-resource that provides insight into political and economic data and its analysis. EIU Viewpoint include:

    • Global, regional (Europe) and national (Slovenia) outlook spanning politics, economics and market-moving topics
    • Daily insights on the developments that impact the future outlook
    • Executive summaries of country (Slovenia) forecasts over the medium-term outlook
    • Medium-term country forecasts on ~200 countries’ political and economic landscape
    • Long-term country forecasts on the structural trends shaping ~80 major economies
    • Industry analysis on the outlook for 26 sectors in ~ 70 markets
    • Commodity forecasts on supply, demand and prices of 25 critical goods
    • Macroeconomic data on forecasts, as well as historic trends
    • Industry data on demand and supply of key goods, now and in the future etc.
  • Provider: The Economist Group