Contemporary Authors

Literature Resource Center (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, NIB and NUK. Remote access for students and staff of UL, staff of CTK, NIB and NUK.)
  • Contemporary Authors contains information on about 130,000 authors from the 20th century onward whose works were either translated into English or published in the United States. Coverage includes authors of fiction (prose, poetry, and drama) as well as non-fiction authors such as scientists, publicists, screenwriters, and others.

    The presentation of authors includes personal information that may include date and place of birth/death, an autobiographical essay, pseudonym, nationality, citizenship, education, political and religious orientation, hobbies, address, family, photograph, and career summary. The database also includes genres, memberships, awards, a complete chronological list of their works, film or stage adaptations, etc., and works in progress. The description is augmented with "sidelights": a biographical portrait of the author’s development, reactions to their work, commentaries on their writing, motivations, personal interests, a selection from interviews, and a list of biographical and critical sources.

    Contemporary Authors are included in the Literature Resource Center. The search interface is available in Slovene.

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