PsycARTICLES (Access from the locations of the F. of Arts, F. of Economics, F. of Education, F. of Social Sciences, and NUK. Remote access for students, alumni and employees of the F. of Arts, F. of Economics, F. of Education, F. of Social Sciences and NUK.)

Staring with January 1. 2014 PsycARTICLES is accessible on EBSCOHost platform.

PsycArticles is a database for searching and reading  journal articles in the field of psychology. Materials covered include articles, peer reviews, and other publications from about 110 scientific journals published by the American Psychological Association, the Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the Hogrefe Publishing Group.

Older material is well covered—almost all the publications of the American Psychological Association are available from the first issue onward. Material is classified by Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms developed by the American Psychological Association.

Update: Daily

Language: English

Provider: Faculty of Education, Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts, and NUK.

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Provider: American Psychological Associaton