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Dostop do De Gruyter eBooks (EBA - All eBooks Collection) je omogočen od 17. 5. 2021 do 16. 5. 2022.

De Gruyter Online is an electronic resource which offers access to:

De Gruyter Complete eJournal Collection is a collection of 450 journals (more than 100 journals are open access). Journals are published in cooperation with international societies. The collection is multidisciplinary and covers the fields of biology, chemistry, history, law, library and information science, linguistics, literature, mathematics, pyhisics, medicine, philosophy, teology, politics, economics and sociology.  There are high-impact jounrals: 111 journals received an Impact Factor for 2018. Journal archive offers access to all volumes since 1995. One may use quick or advanced search function, the last including also subject and full-text search.

De Gruyter eBooks (EBA - All eBooks Collection) is a collection of more than 100,000 academic books published by more than 40 publishers (e.g. New York University Press, De Gruyter, Harvard University Press). The books cover the fields of social sciences and humanities, as well as natural sciences, engineering and medicine. Most books are in English or German.

Advantages for open access publishing in De Gruyter journals.


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