Authors/researchers can publish their work in open access journals. Scientific journals publish high-quality scientific content and include original scientific articles by researchers and professionals in a particular scientific field following the peer review process.
Scientific journals include:

  • published lists of editorial board members (usually on the back page or on the first pages of individual journal issues),
  • information about the peer-review process,
  • published articles which contribute new theories, report on initial results of original research in a scientific field, or summarize previous research.

 Articles in scientific journals:

  • identify sources and cite them correctly,
  • contain the name of the author and the author’s affiliation address at the beginning or end of the article,
  • academic articles are not anonymous!

To search for a suitable and reliable open-access journal, we recommend the use of a tool for the evaluation of over 17,000 open-access journals which includes quality and cost—Quality Open Access Market—and the tool for the evaluation of actual openness of journals—Open Access Spectrum Evaluation Tool.

Relative to the existing possibilities of open and free access, authors can achieve free access on the web for almost all of their publications:

  1. They can publish them in open access or free access scientific journals (probably for a fee),
  2. They can publish them in hybrid scientific journals as open access or free access articles (fee is necessary),
  3. They can publish them in subscription scientific journals (free or paid) and save the final version of the peer-reviewed article in depositories (free of charge).

Where can I submit my work:  

The Repository of the University of Ljubljana enables the collection and deposit of theses and dissertations, publications of the employees of the University, and research data in digital form. During the process of submitting the work to the Repository, each work deposited in the University Repository will undergo a similarity of content (plagiarism) test. At the Repository, the metadata from the collections ePrints.FRI, PeFprints, DRUGG, and ADP is available as well. Bilingual web and mobile applications are available to users of the Repository of the University of Ljubljana. Compatibility of the Repository with the OpenAIRE instructions allows the European Commission to verify the implementation of the provisions pertaining to the mandatory open access of all publications from co-funded projects in the Horizon 2020 framework programme. The Repository of the University of Ljubljana is connected with COBISS.SI and SICRIS, included in the European portal of theses and dissertations (DART-Europe), and included in a variety of directories, aggregators, and search engines (OpenDOAR, ROAR, BASE, etc.).

Slovene repositories: