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Economy Communicology Sociology Marketing Full Text Articles
The WARC collection provides access to over 8,000 full-text articles in the fields of marketing and advertising from journals such as Market Leader, The Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Advertising, The International Journal of Market Research, and more. Coverage includes around 5,000 award case studies, e.g., New Zealand…

Wayback Machine

Multidisciplinary Fields Archives Internet Resources
The Wayback Machine is used to search for archived public web pages and publications from USENET conferences. Search is possibly by URL and date. The website archive goes back to 1996.


Social Sciences and Humanities Natural Sciences and Technology Library Catalogues Internet Resources
WEBIS provides an overview of German libraries and the specific fields they cover (scientific discipline, geographical areas, etc.). The data on libraries includes a description of the specific scientific field, a description of the fund, links to the library catalog, a list of online resources, electronic publications, and more. Language:…

Web of Science

Social Sciences and Humanities Multidisciplinary Fields Natural Sciences and Technology Citation Indexes Lists and Abstracts of Articles
The Web of Science (WoS) service provides access to multidisciplinary bibliographic databases with the following citation indexes: Science Citation Index Expanded® (SCI-EXPANDED), Social Sciences Citation Index® (SSCI), and Arts & Humanities Citation Index® (A&HCI). Coverage includes data from around 10,000 of the most prestigious and influential scientific journals in the…


Electrical Engineering Computer Science Dictionaries
Webopedia is an online tech dictionary providing definitions of words, phrases, and abbreviations related to computing and information technology. In addition to a definition of a term or phrase, Webopedia also provides in-depth articles and links to sources of further information on the topic where applicable. Language: English

Wiley Online Library

Multidisciplinary Fields Natural Sciences and Technology Full Text Articles Electronic Magazines Scientific Publications
Wiley Interscience is used to search for and read scientific and professional articles in all fields. Coverage includes bibliographic data with abstracts and full-text articles from over 120 scientific journals from 1997 onward. Update: Daily Language: English Subscriber consortium of the University of Ljubljana, University in Maribor, University of Primorska,…


Multidisciplinary Fields Library Catalogues
WorldCat is a publicly accessible shared catalogue (OPAC) of materials in collections from more than 72,000 libraries from 170 countries of the world. Coverage includes over 300 million bibliographic records of books, journals, articles, maps, sheet music, CDs, audio and video material, web contents, and other classical or digital material…