Information resources

  1. Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

    Category: Multidisciplinary Fields    Type: Periodicals

    Ulrichsweb is used to search for detailed information about more than 300,000 periodicals from across the world: newspapers, journals, magazines, yearbooks, etc. Data includes title, ISSN, beginning and frequency of publication, type, peer-reviews, language, country, price, subject area (including LC and Dewey classification), CODEN, circulation, editor, audience, description, and history of title. Data on a variety of media (e.g., microfiche) are also included. If the title is in electronic form, the portal provides information on URL addresses and various providers. There is a list of secondary resources such as databases ("Abstracting & Indexing Services") that index articles from certain sources and of services where delivery of articles can be ordered. Contact information on publishers for orders and copyright management is available. Peer-reviews are available for a specified part of titles.

    The above-mentioned criteria can be combined with logical operators to facilitate the search. The results can be sorted, printed, downloaded, or sent by e-mail. 

    Language: English

    Update: Weekly


    • Ulrichsweb (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of UL who are members of the UL and CTK libraries and all NUK members)



  2. UNESCO Institute of Statistics

    Category: Social Sciences and Humanities    Type: Statistical and Social Science Data

    The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) collects data and produces methodologies to monitor national and international trends in the fields of education, science and technology, culture, and communication.

    It regularly publishes comparative statistical data in these fields for countries at all stages of development.

    Language: English in French




  3. Uradni list Republike Slovenije

    Category: Law    Type: Legislation

    The Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia is used to search for and read regulations, treaties, and official publications of the Republic of Slovenia. Coverage includes three sections that are divided according to content: Regulations, Treaties, and Announcements. The Regulations section is published in every edition of the Official Gazette, Treaties are published a few times a year, and the Announcements section is published every Friday as a rule.

    Since April 1, 2010, when the Act Amending the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia Act (ZUL-C) (Official Gazette RS, No. 109/09) was passed, the only official edition of the Official Gazette RS has been the electronic edition, which is freely accessible on the government website. At the request of users, a printed version of the electronic edition of the Provisions part and Treatises of the Official Gazette RS will be issued. 

    Language: Slovene