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Social Sciences and Humanities Natural Sciences and Technology Archives Internet Resources
OAIster is used to search for publications from a variety of digital archives. Coverage includes preprints and reprints of scientific articles, conference papers, dissertations, books, research reports, pictorial and audio materials, and more. OAIster contains over 30 million metadata descriptions; data is upgraded weekly or monthly. Language: English Publisher: University…

OECD iLibrary

Social Sciences and Humanities Electronic Books Statistical and Social Science Data
OECD iLibrary enables searching for and reading full texts of all publications published by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) from 1998 onward. It offers over 10,100 e-books, 3,800 articles, reports, and newspapers, etc. In addition, it allows viewing statistical data collections of OECD, the International Energy Agency (IEA),…

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Linguistics Dictionaries
The electronic form of the Oxford English Dictionary (third edition), the most authoritative and most extensive dictionary of English, contains around 600,000 entries that include etimology, usage, pronunciation, and more. Advanced search allows the use of a variety of criteria, operators and limiters, etc.

Oxford Journals Online

Multidisciplinary Fields Electronic Magazines
The Oxford Journals Online collection is used for to search for and read full-text articles from over 300 quality journals from the Oxford University Press. Coverage includes a variety of fields in medicine, biological sciences, mathematics and physics, legislation, humanities, and social sciences. The journals are accessible from 1996 onward…