Information resources

  1. Gallica

    Category: General Information    Type: Digitized Material (books, periodicals, etc.)

    Gallica is used to search for, read, and view digitized books, serial publications, pictorial material, sound recordings, and more that originate in the territory of France or were published in the French language.
    It contains over 3 million digitized documents representing French art, science, and history.

    Language: French




  2. Gateway Bayern

    Category: General Information    Type: Library Catalogues

    Gateway Bayern is used to search for books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and other material in the holdings of Bavarian university, scientific, and specialist libraries.
    Coverage includes bibliographic data on books, newspapers, magazines, journals, etc., in the holdings of 150 Bavarian universities, scientific, and specialist libraries (23 million documents).The majority of the material was published after 1970.

    To search the topic use the "Subject" index descriptors ("Schlagwort").
    Language: German




  3. Gesetze im Internet

    Category: Law    Type: Legislation

    Gesetze im Internet is used for searching and reading the federal regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany. It encompasses most of the currently valid federal regulations.

    Language: German

    Provider: Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz




  4. Google Učenjak

    Category: Social Sciences and Humanities Natural Sciences and Technology    Type: Bibliometric Data Citation Indexes Internet Resources

    Google Scholar is used to for search for articles, dissertations, books, reports, and more from a variety of resources: publishers, archives of open access, websites of academic institutions, and cited literature. Subscribed institutions and members of the libraries of the University of Ljubljana have access to full-text articles through remote access in accordance with licensing conditions. Information includes data on the stock in Slovene libraries from the COBIB.SI shared catalogue.

    Google Scholar Metrics is a list of scientific journals ranked on the basis of bibliometric indicators within individual topic fields and categories. It uses the h-index indicator (a value denoting that a journal has at least x articles that received at least x citations), the h5-index (the value of h-index of journal for articles in the last 5 years), and the h5-median (the average number of citations per article included in the h5-index).




  5. GreenFILE

    Category: Environmental Sciences    Type: Lists and Abstracts of Articles Indexes

    GreenFile is a database intended for searching scientific and professional literature related to environmental issues, mostly from the aspect of man's relation to the environment, his impact on global warming, and what individuals, companies, and governments can do to preserve the environment.

    Coverage includes bibliographic data with abstracts of articles from more than 600 journals treating environmental issues such as Bioscience (from 1964 onward), Conservation Biology (from 1987 onward), Journal of Ecology (from 1913 onward), Journal of Environmental Planning & Management (from 1948 onward), etc. Freely accessible journals include full-text articles.
    Language: English


    • GreenFILE (Unlimited Access)
    • GreenFILE odd. d. (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for all members of the UL, CTK, and NUK libraries.)



  6. Grove Art Online/Oxford Art Online

    Category: Fine Arts    Type: Encyclopedias

    The Grove Dictionary of Art is the foremost scholarly encyclopedia of art covering painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts: ceramics, glass, interior design, etc. It contains over 45,000 articles (22,000 biographies) about artists, movements, schools, techniques, theories, cities, countries, periods, etc. It features 40,000 paintings (link "diagrams" at article) and an additional 100,000 paintings from the Bridgeman Art Library, the largest electronic collection of paintings in the world. Articles are augmented by a total of 500,000 bibliographic references for further in-depth research and by links to 1,000 selected websites.

    GroveArt is provided jointly by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, and NUK.


    • Groveart odd (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of UL who are members of the UL and CTK libraries and all NUK members)



  7. Grove Music Online/Oxford Music Online

    Category: Musics    Type: Encyclopedias

    Grove Music Online is the leading encyclopedia of musicology and music in general. It contains synoptic articles on all aspects of music. The articles covered contain bilbiographies as instructions for further reading and can also contain illustrations, musical recordings, and links to interesting websites. It includes over 50,000 articles and over 30,000 biographies.


    • Grovemusic odd.d. (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of UL who are members of the UL and CTK libraries and all NUK members)




    Category: Economy    Type: Full Text Articles Directories Periodicals

    To enter the portal you need to type in a code that appears on the entry site. See example in source description.


    The service is intended to search for business information, balances, currency and stock exchange rates, news, etc., and to search and read articles from individual Slovene newspapers and magazines. The Super subscription package includes the following contents:  Credit assessment (data on financial assets and liquidity of business entities), Financial information (balance-sheet data for almost 35,000 Slovene companies; possible comparison between companies or activities), siMatrix (provides an overview of connections or relations between individual persons and companies for over 300,000 entities), Poslovni tisk (“Business Press”)(articles and news from journals, magazines, and agencies such as  Delo, Dnevnik, Večer, Gospodarski vestnik, Pravna praksa, Finance—time coverage for individual titles in the archive varies), Register (contains reports about bankruptcies, erasures, foundings, press releases, etc.) Konsolidirane bilance (“Consolidated Accounts”)(provides an insight into around 500 consolidated companies and conseqently 2,500 subsidiary companies in operational form with an archive from 2002 onward), and Non-profit organizations.

    Time coverage:

      • Arhives of balances: overview of balances and indicators in a longer period from 1994 onward (the Financial Data modul);
      • Business Press: archive of articles from 1994 onward
      • Consolidated Accounts: this modul offers insight into around 500 consolidated companies and conseqently 2,500 subsidiary companies in operational form with an archive from 2002 onward;
      • Freezing of transaction accounts and the history of freezing transaction accounts from 2002 onward (the Financial information modul).


    Language: Slovene

    Example of entry code:



    • (Access from the locations of the Faculty of social sciences, Faculty of Economics and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of the Faculty of Economics and all the members of NUK.)