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Academic Search Complete

Social Sciences and Humanities Multidisciplinary Fields Natural Sciences and Technology Full Text Articles Scientific Publications
Academic Search Complete is one of the largest multidisciplinary collections. It is used to search for technical and scientific literature and read journals from a broad range of areas of academic study, including the social sciences and humanities, natural science, and technology. In addition, this database includes up-to-date events from…


Pharmacology (medicinal products) Medicine Electronic Books
ACCESS Medicine offers access to Clinical Library and LANGE Educational Library. The collection contains exams, medicinal products database, screening guidelines, general descriptions of illnesses, tools for setting up differential diagnoses (Diagnosaurus) and medical news. Source is provided by CMK MF.

ACM Digital Library

Computer Science Full Text Articles Indexes
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the largest world association in the fields of computer and information sciences. It was founded in 1947 to promote the role of computer and information sciences in the fields of science and education. ACM Digital Library is the most important information source in the…


Biotechnology Agriculture Library Catalogues Lists and Abstracts of Articles
Agricola is used to search for technical and scientific literature in the fields of agriculture and related areas: veterinary Science, botanics, forestry, agricultural economics, food science, environmental sciences, etc. The National Agricultural Library catalogue (NAL Online Public Access Catalog) features data on books, audio-visual material, periodicals, etc. The collection of…


Biotechnology Agriculture Lists and Abstracts of Articles Indexes
AGRIS is used to search for technical and scientific literature in the field of agriculture. It offers bibliographic data on more than 8,900,000 abstracts of articles. Technical and scientific literature comes from more than 350 institutions from different participating countries, including Slovenia, under the patronage of the Food and Agriculture…

Aluminium Industry Abstracts (AIA)

Materials Science Lists and Abstracts of Articles Indexes
Aluminium Industry Abstracts (AIA) is used to search for technical and scientific literature on aluminium production processes, products, applications, and business developments. It provides bibliographic data with abstracts of articles from more than 3,000 periodical publications, papers from conference proceedings, technical reports, patents, books, and press releases. Half of the…

American Chemical Society Journals

Chemistry Electronic Magazines
ACS Journals is used to search for and read scientific publications in the field of chemistry. It contains bibliographic data with abstracts and full-text articles from over 40 scientific publications from 2000 onward. The American Chemical Society is the world's leading provider of peer-reviewed research journals in the fields of…

American Memory

Social Sciences and Humanities Etnology Geography Musics World Digitized Material (books, periodicals, etc.)
American Memory is used to search for, read, and view digitized books, serial publications, pictorial and video material, sound recordings, sheet music, and maps originating in the territory of the United States with an important role in American history and culture. It contains over 9 million documents of material in…

American Physical Society (APS) Journals

Physics Electronic Magazines
APS Journals is used to search for and read articles in the field of physics. It contains full-text articles from eight scientific publications by the American Physical Society publisher (Physical Review… and Reviews of Modern Physics). It includes the archive of journals by the PROLA publisher, where some titles date…

Analytical Abstracts

Chemistry Lists and Abstracts of Articles Indexes
The bibliographic collection Analytical Abstracts (provider Royal Society of Chemistry) is the leading source of the most important information in all fields of analytical chemistry. It holds records from the world's scientific and professional literature from 1980 onward (with abstracts from 1984 onward), including around 100 key titles in the…


Social Sciences and Humanities Full Text Articles Scientific Publications
The AnthroSource collection is used to search for and read full-text articles from periodicals and bulletins published by the American Anthropological Association. It covers different fields of anthropology, ethnology, folklore, etc. The periodicals are available from the beginning of their publication, American Anthropologist, for example, from 1880 onward. Individual periodical…

Arhiv družboslovnih podatkov

Social Sciences and Humanities Archives Statistical and Social Science Data
ADP hosts a data collection for social science analyses with emphasis on important content and methodologically well performed research containing data on Slovenia in particular. ADP keeps an archive used to search for data and browse through social science studies where the data found can be analysed. The archive maintains…

Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts Online

Conservation Materials Science Lists and Abstracts of Articles Indexes
Art and Archaeology Technical abstracts ofline is used to search for scientific and professional literature in the fields of conservation and preservation of material cultural heritage. It covers the area of works of art, cultural objects, and archeological heritage. It contains bibliographic data with abstracts of 110,000 articles from 150…

Art and Architecture in Video

Architecture Social Sciences and Humanities Fine Arts Video Recordings
Art and Architecture in Video, an online streaming film collection, will grow to over 500 hours of documentaries and interviews illustrating the theory and practice of a variety of art forms and providing the context necessary for critical analysis. Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate courses, the works within this…

Arts & Humanities Citation Index

Social Sciences and Humanities Citation Indexes
The Arts & Humanities Citation Index is used to search for scientific literature in the field of the humanities: Arts, Linguistics, Literary Sciences, Philosophy, Religion, Archaeology, and more. It includes bibliographic data with citations on articles from more than 1,100 scientific journals from 1970 onward (CD-ROM 1975–2000). Search by topic:…


Natural Sciences and Technology Materials Science Standards
ASTM Compass is a collection of standards and technical engineering information, covering a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering.


Social Sciences and Humanities Geography Celebrities General Information Digitized Material (books, periodicals, etc.) Encyclopedias
Austria-forum contains basic information about Austrian history, geography, politics, culture, economy, personalities, etc. It also contains AEIOU Österreich Lexikon and e-books. Language: German and English

Austrian Literature Online (ALO)

Literary Sciences Digitized Material (books, periodicals, etc.)
Austrian Literature Online (ALO) is used to search for, read, and view digitized books, serials, pictorial material, manuscripts, theses, and scientific essays originating from the territory of Austria or former Austria-Hungary. More than 16,000 documents are available. ALO includes a number of collections (a selection of works from Austrian literature),…

AustriaN Newspapers Online (ANNO)

Law Newspapers Digitized Material (books, periodicals, etc.) Digital Libraries
AustriaN Newspapers Online is used for reading digitized newspapers and other periodicals published in Austria. It includes scans of over 500 titles of digitized newspapers as well as popular magazines and professional or scientific newspapers from the 16th century to 1940. ANNO includes official gazettes of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and…

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

Architecture Lists and Abstracts of Articles
The Avery Index to the Architectural Periodicals collection contains bibliographic data with extracts from more than 2,500 American and international scientific and professional periodical literature as well as numerous other publications such as bulletins and catalogues of professional associations in the fields of architecture, landscape engineering, urban planning, interior design,…