SpringerLink odd.d. (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of the University of Ljubljana who are members of the UL, CTK, and NUK libraries)

The SpringerLink service provides access to around 1,900 scientific and professional journals and over 30,000 books by the various publishing houses merged in the Springer Science+Business Media group which is based on the Springer-Verlag and Verlag Kluwer Academic Publishers publishing houses. Coverage includes various scientific fields including biomedicine, natural and technical sciences, business sciences and economics, the humanities, psychology, sociology, law, etc.

Most of the full-text articles from e-journals are available from 1997 onward, and from February 2005 onward, the service in individual fields is gradually being updated by free access to bibliographic data with abstracts of articles from the begining of the publication. Full-text books (display and viewing by chapters) published in English after 2005 are also accessible.

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Language: English

Subscriber: consortium of the Central Technical Library and University Library of Maribor.

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