Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika (SSKJ2)

Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika (Access from the locations of NUK. Remote access for NUK members. )

This is the second, augmented, and partly revised edition of the Dictionary of Standard Slovenian Language (SSKJ2), the most extensive dictionary of national importance.

The new edition is updated with descriptions of words and definitions introduced into Slovene in the last few decades (since 1991). A large number of existing entries were updated and more than 4,500 new dictionary entries were added that reflect the changes in the society, values, and worldview such as social and economic changes (evroskeptik, globalizacija, HIV, tajkun), changes in popular and spiritual culture and spending leisure time (ajurveda,  glos, hobit, rave), changes in the use of modern technologies, devices, and other aids (blog, bralnik, e-pošta, tablica), changes in types of clothing (boksarice, pajkice), changes in nutrition (basmati, cornfleks, čabata, čili, dresing, kuki, slow food, smoothie, žižula), and more.

Language: Slovene

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