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IUS-INFO is used to search for and read legislation, case law, and legal publications of both the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union.

Topics covered include consolidated texts of all laws in force and implemented regulations of the Republic of Slovenia, rulings of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, and individial higher courts, tenders from the Official Gazette, select commentaries on laws (NEW), samples of contracts and internal statutes (NEW), auditor's reports of the Court of Auditors, legal opinions of the Supreme Court, full-text articles from the Podjetje in delo, Pravna praksa, Revus, Evro Pravna praksa, Odvetnik, and Sodnikov informator journals, and bibliographic data on articles from various other publications. Also available are several Bachelor's and Master's theses in the field of law (NEW).
The EURO IUS-INFO section includes the register of EU legislation in force, primary and secondary legislation, national measures for the implementation of directives, subsidiary legal acts, rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the Court of First Instance (CFI), Official Gazette – C Series, preparatory documents, parliamentary questions of the European Parliament, legal acts of the EFTA organs, and decisions of the EFTA courts.

EU legal texts are arranged according to the EUROVOC thesaurus. For help in understanding and translating texts, use the English-Slovene and Slovene-English legal dictionary.

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Law Legislation

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