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Academic Search Complete odd.d. (Access from the locations of the University of Ljubljana, CTK, and NUK. Remote access for students and employees of the University of Ljubljana who are members of the UL, CTK, and NUK libraries)

Academic Search Complete is one of the largest multidisciplinary collections. It is used to search for technical and scientific literature and read journals from a broad range of areas of academic study, including the social sciences and humanities, natural science, and technology. In addition, this database includes up-to-date events from the world of politics, economy, culture, technology, entertainment, etc.

It covers bibliographic data with abstracts of articles from over 17,000 scientific journals, magazines and full-text articles from over 8,000 newspapers published by Blackwell, Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Springer, etc. The database includes some Slovene newspapers: Acta Chimica Slovenica, Acta Geographica, Anthropological Notebooks, Slovenian Law Review and others from 1887 onward.

To search a topic, use subject terms (subject title list) or cited literature and browse journals titles.

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